• If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my own path to happiness, it’s that I need to shatter the world around me and to create it anew; at the very core of my own survival and self-discovery is an inevitable process of creation.
  • Nothing is safe. Everything is raw/material waiting to transcend their forms.
  • I inhabit liminal spaces. I find beauty and energy at points of intersections. I am awed by the power of repetition. I find joy in the process of becoming.
  • I will forever hold in contempt the false divides of Arts vs. Sciences/Technology/Math & Science vs. Religion.



I am a Cultural Creative: a classically trained musician/vocalist with a love of choral polyphony from the Renaissance and the 20th & 21st c.;

I think about/engage in social justice work and youth development;

I am compelled to critically think, act and apply intersectional analyses in the work to overcoming the institution of Oppression;

I connect with my physical body through movement & yoga, the power of touch & flow;

I use varied perspectives/analyses/modes of thinking, from psychology to design to yoga philosophy, to interact/synthesize/transform/transcend the world around and beyond me;

I have an utter obsession with technology, the web, and social media, and constantly explore its changing topography;

I believe in Art/Craft/Design;